Friday, May 25, 2012

Crazy Pigpen’s Memorial Summer with Terry Allen Fraser

Crazy Pigpen’s Memorial Summer with Terry Allen Fraser

To the Honorable Judge/ Producer Terry Allen Fraser:

From the Unknown Whale ( O.R.C.A. ) , Christo Strom

Regarding your awesome movie in the works

Pigpen A Blues Singer

Mr. Fraser,

Paint a picture, So I did. Here it is below.  You will notice the
Five states abbreviated – MN ( Minnesota ) WI ( Wisconsin )
IA ( Iowa ) NE ( Nebraska ) and CO ( Colorado ) . I also included
SEVEN numbers that make up how the Orange Race will
operate.  You will notice that the States abbreviated are in
like a Rotary Phone position so if you were going to call
someone on the phone, you might want to dial up the
Operator .

Now, Terry here is where I need your help.  I’m assuming you
want to create a buzz for your movie about Pigpen.  I need to
create a buzz for the Orange Race if I am ever going to purchase
my own Mountain Resort/Recreation area in Colorado.  Now,
I could come out to California to help set this up for you and
explain in fine detail how to raise money and help everyone
you want to help.  OR you can follow along the Orange Race
Course from Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.  I left
Minnesota out for now because this is where I live and I need
to leave my comfort zone to be able to come full circle. Make
sense?  OK back to the business at hand.  Ready Terry, here we go.
This is for all the people who donate at the $250.00 Level at

You could call this the Crazy Pig bonus . 

Everyone who donates at the Pigpen Lover II level of $250.00
ask them to please come to this site and sign up for the
Orange Race.  I would then ask them to reply to the first email
they would get from me saying that they donated at

My offer to them would be OK, how would you like to donate
at the Crazy Pig $5,000.00 level.

Sign Up Below for the Orange Race if you have any questions.
The reason I need City and State is because the Orange Race
is only going to be run in 4 states.  If you can’t make it during
the Summer, I would make a DVD video of how you could set
this up legally in your 4 or 5 State area.  That’s it. I’ve got  a
lot of work ahead of me but I look forward to seeing you reach
your goal of $ 75,000.00 this summer.  Now , after all that if you
don’t want to sign up, I’ll be heartbroken. Actually, no I won’t,
it will be your loss because this is going to kick ass!  Anyways,
below the sign up is the star of the show, Pigpen , singing

Have a great summer and raise that flag for Pigpen!


Advanced National Debt Training

Your email address will not be shared or sold.

Respectfully for Pigpen,

Christo Strom/Twitter
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels/Facebook
Head of Angel Promotions

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pigpen - A Blues Singer

Pigpen - A Blues Singer

Look over yonder, tell me what do you see
10,000 people looking after me,
I may be famous or maybe no one
But in the end, all our races are run
Don’t make my race run in vain
Seem like there’s no tomorrow
Seem like all my yesterdays
were filled with pain
there’s nothing but darkness tomorrow…..

<P><I><G><P><E><N> - A Blues Singer 

is an independent film that
is being made in California AND being produced by
All I can say is that this must be an exciting time for these filmmakers
to bring to the big screen an incredibly talented person by the name
Ronald Charles McKernan , who was known as

<P><I><G><P><E><N> in the band Grateful Dead.

This is just a short and sweet congratulatory post for
Terry and Diana for having the courage and determination to bring
this man’s contribution to music and the blues in particular and weave
it into a movie.  I am looking forward with great anticipation to your
progress in this film.  The next post will be in May as I will be sending out
a Captain’s alert about your funding goals to make this a reality.
In the meantime, here’s a little bit of


Respecttfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of OrangeRace Card Angels

P.S. And please if you are a Dead Head go over and LIKE their
Facebook page
by clicking on the name below the arrows

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Thursday, February 9, 2012